Victor PVC Pipe Cutter

Victor PVC Pipe CutterWas looking for a replacement blade for my Victor VP-30, ended up selecting the fallback retailer for the Victor PVC Pipe Cutter. Of particular note, any of these products from Victor allow the user to cut through 1″ of piping with relative ease — one of the most highly recommended brands I’ve come across. Certainly worth a look for the majority of you out there doing jobs with piping.

Some quick updates about my daughter, from my understanding her writings have been posted. Haven’t found the time to check them out just yet but I just got off the phone with her and she’s already planning her next music vacation. She manages to keep busier than I do!


Daughter Selected to Write for HARD Summer 2013

HARD Summer 2013 is an annual music festival held in LA Historic Park, featuring a wide assortment of acts pertaining to the world of electronic music. I’m happy to announce that my daughter will once again have her writing featured on a budding music site currently running a feature on the festival. 

Don’t have much details just yet but they’re on the way. Thanks for staying tuned.

Catching Up With Paulson Hard Hats

paulson hard hatsPaulson hard hats are another brand we’ve had limited experience with over the years. We were surprised they were never added to the inventory past their first issue, but I figured they might come up again sometime down the road. It appears that time is now.

The latest inventory will reflect a larger inclusion of hard hats. Why are these important in the field? Hard hats are far from universal. Each offer different sizing and advantages you just can’t derive from any other. It’s a matter of preference, a matter of what brand you’re going to place your trust in to preserve your safety.

So I took the liberty of adding the Paulson hard hats to the latest order. I think there’s more than a few out here that will really benefit from having an alternative. These prices are hard to pass up additionally. We’ve started to use Fisher Tools as our primary provider. Being able to purchase these large orders entirely online, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, is invaluable to us.

New Equipment

We ordered more safety gear this week in preparation for the new contractors joining us on site. We took another recommendation and purchased a high quantity of this fiber-metal hard hat, this comes at the heels of some safety sanctions that were made. When people aren’t using the right gear in the field, the budget suffers more. All of that has fortunately been sorted out at this point, but needless to say, we need to get our ducks in a row.

I think my attitude toward safety has been hardened. I’ve seen good friends suffer some serious injuries on several job sites just because they got lax with regular protocol. The only ones I see doing that now are the ones that are too young to know any better. It may sound cold, but sometimes the only way you learn is when you experience the worst possible case scenarios. 

Daughter to be Featured in Budget Travel Blog!

Today I find myself once again playing the role of proud father. My daughter Mindy won a regional award for some of her writing, the details of which I’ll have to receive from her in person. To my understanding, her work is to be featured on this budget travel blog

She couldn’t be more excited about it. She graduated a few years ago from the university and, like most young 20-somethings, has floated around on the job market for some time now. It can be incredibly difficult determining what path to travel at her age — it was something I think many people from my generation entirely don’t understand the redeveloped difficulty behind. I know you never read my tool blog, Mindy — but I love you! I know this is only the start of bigger and better things.

Finally taking a break from creating inventory for the Mullistino jobs — heavy workload in the summer months ahead. There’s genuinely nothing better than enjoying the short respite with terrific news about family. Safe travels to you all ahead! 

Relton Cutting Fluid

relton cutting fluidJust placed an order for Relton cutting fluid through the previous supplier, feeling good about having this accounted for in the immediate future. Can’t begin to tell you how many times we end up running completely out of something practical like this and wait until it’s all gone to increase the supply. By purchasing it ahead of time, not only are we saving time on the jobs ahead, we’re actually saving money for the price.

It’s been a busy season already. I injured myself onsite not too long ago, afraid I fell prey to a renegade 2×4. You can never be too careful out here, comes with the territory. Occasionally you just need that not-so-subtle reminder to take serious precaution when you’re out here. I definitely have safety on my mind now. Hoping the other guys do as well.

At least being sidelined allowed me to really take stock of what we could use in the field. 

Keep Them Honest

There’s been reported theft from the latest job site. It’s hard to believe anyone in the field actually going behind their team and stealing anything, but the evidence is overwhelming.

One of the trucks was broken into late last night, only accessible from the gated area that requires a contractor key. There’s no signs itself the gate was left unlocked or forced into, suggesting it was an employee in the field with a key that actually stole property from the truck itself. It’s disheartening to say the very least.

With so many employees in the field to account for, it’s difficult to place blame anywhere. We’ll just have to up security within the site in the coming days. We’ve already installed a camera that will be able to show us who enters and leaves the site, but we’re still hoping to find a trail that leads us back to the stolen property. It would be best to weed out whoever was responsible for this so we don’t continue to provide them with a paycheck. Anyone who goes behind their team like that just isn’t worthy of such a privilege.

The stolen equipment from the theft will be replaced as soon as possible. Among the missing items, we’re still looking for a set of reed pipe tools.

Wholesale Tools Purchased, Replaced Equipment

wholesales tools reed pipe toolsWholesale tools are not something we typically considered buying online, but with the need to replace our reed pipe tools we decided to place an additional order. Last week there was a reported theft on one of our many job sites. There’s been ongoing theft within the job sites for some time now. An important element to working such long hours and hard days is showing your team you have trust, and I intend to restore the trust that was broken.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re overseeing a team of contracted construction workers. I know for one that I’m still learning as I’m in the field. I feel the key is to be humble and never come off like a boss, never compensate by seeming too much like a friend either. I feel I’ve gained some respect from some of the workers out here following the theft situation. And I chose not to make cuts from any individual pay for the replacement parts, it will come out of my own money.

As far as the job ahead is considered, there’s a lot more work to be done. I’m confident the guys will respond accordingly. Never before have I had a team more dedicated to working ahead of schedules, we’ve been fortunate enough to have a great group of guys.

Week In Review

Ready to pick up the pencils again? This ordering isn’t over quite yet. I’ll need to make sure the following policies are enforced with the remainder of the order: adjustment to direct loans, cost variance settlement and enforced distribution. It’s going to take me the rest of the weekend before we’re ready to ship out.

We’re trying to be vigilant about the work we’re doing. This wholesale tools site is running a promotion that accrues same day shipping — if we’re truly headed out again with such a short turnaround, this will be an essential aspect of that. I’m going to sort out the rest of the organizational tools behind the scenes, but I’ll be getting some assistance along the way.

There’s little chance of weather conditions worsening, we’ve already checked the forecast. Could make a considerable difference should things take a turn for the worse. We’ll keep it rolling steadily and perhaps tighten the bonds among the responsible duties.

Purchase Order Ready

Today we started putting together our first purchase order for 2013. After much pricing research on my own behalf, I’ve decided to opt for a major purchase with Fisher Tools. I spoke with a representative for the company earlier this week and it seems we’ll be doing a lot of business together in the coming months.

Although we have the beginning of the order set to go, we’re still hammering out the details. Thus far I’m very pleased with the experience overall. I’ll keep this situation updated on the site from beginning to end. A big aspect of working with online retailers for tools is whether you can receive the inventory in a punctual amount of time. I’ve had some incidents arise in the past.

Looking forward to posting further information regarding the order. Perhaps then I can write an official review on Fisher. Until then, I look forward to be having more specific information to share with you all. Good luck and have fun.